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Registration Ends December 25.

How does OnCall Weight Loss Work?

Step 1


A Support Specialist will call to help you get started. 

Step 2

Start Challenge

Introduces members to a series of challenges to help members live healthier and develop a sustainable weight loss strategy.

Step 3

Healthy Habits

Make small changes and complete short term goals to develop healthier habits and long term weight loss success.

Questions? Contact our office and speak to a member of our team. 

How much have members lost?

58 lbs

Record for most pounds lost with OnCall Weight Loss so far.

How much do you charge?

  • 60 Day Challenge


    • Lab Order/Review

    • Initial Televisit 

    • 4 Televisit Follow Ups

    • 60 Day Weight Loss Challenge Program

    • Challenge Kit with Program Supplements Tools & Equipment ($300 Value)


    or 2 Monthly Payments of $375

  • Monthly Membership


    • Monthly medical weight loss management

    • Initial Visit Labs Review

    • Televisit with Provider

    • Monthly Challenges designed to help members develop healthy habits & maintain weight loss.

    • Online Community Login


       No commitment. Cancel Anytime.

  • Vitamins & Supplements


    All essential vitamins, supplements & equipment is included in the 60 Day Challenge.

    Additional vitamins & supplements are optional and  may be ordered for an additional cost.

    Price Varies

      Based on Provider Recomendation

Studies show that participants who join a weight-loss program with friends are more successful at losing weight & keeping it off. Ask about group rates for family and friends.


Next Challenge Starts In

Registration ends December 25

What forms should I complete before my first appointment?

Before your initial appointment, we need to collect the following forms:

Program Director

Wendy Markovich, MSN-FNP

I created OnCall Weight Loss after struggling with the excess weight of having 2 kids. I gained a lot of weight after my second baby and became frustrated at not being able to lose the weight. Like many others, I have a busy schedule with my boys and working full time. I also did not have time to exercise or go to the gym so I needed a program that did not require hours of exercise. How would it be possible to fit a diet into my hectic schedule? I started to think of a ways I could incorporate multiple weight loss strategies into one program. I wondered, if I combined them, would it work? I put together a program for myself and, in discussing it with friends and family, they wanted to try it with me. We ended up with a sample group that consisted of a wide range of weight loss goals and ages. This was the first group for our weight loss trial program. We all went through the 60 day program and amazingly...we ALL had very successful results. By the end of the 60 days I had lost 26 pounds and, 2 months after the end of the program, I was down 51 pounds. Since all the trial participants experienced positive benefits and weight loss, we decided to create OnCall Weight Loss as a program that can help others like it has helped me. 

Why join OnCall Weight Loss?

People love OnCall for many reasons including...

  • Customizable Programs Focused on Wellness, Lifestyle & Healthy Living

  • Proven Measurable Results

  • Community of People with Similar Struggles & Common Goals

  • Convenient Online Televisits

  • Upfront Affordable Pricing

  • Friendly Professional Staff

  • Flexible Scheduling​

  • Save Time & Money​

Where is OnCall Weight Loss Available?

OnCall Weight Loss is welcoming new patients in Arizona.


Check back often for updated availability.

About Us

Many struggle with weight and healthy eating including your healthcare professionals. OnCall Weight Loss started as a trial program to help our staff, family and friends lose weight, feel better and live healthier. We wanted to create a program which is easy to understand, easy to follow and therefore easy to stick with. 


If you are someone who wants to lose a little weight, needs to lose a lot or maybe you just want to feel better, we welcome you to join in with our staff, friends and family on our health and weight loss journey. Our goal is to be an example of how small changes and short term goals can lead to healthier lifestyle habits and lasting weight loss results. 

Not ready to join? Follow our group and see the results.


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